PIE FACE: KEY LIME PIE -Fruited Sour 4pk


QTY 4pk (16oz cans): PIE FACE: KEY LIME PIE

Key lime pie is a memory for of when my bride and I visited my grandparents in Florida every year and my grandmother would have a key lime pie made from fresh Florida limes ready for us to devour. A key lime pie should be very tart, refreshing, and end with a creamy/graham cracker finish. We have worked hard at this brew to bring that experience to you!

This is a super sour brew for those who have asked to crank up the sour! It is refreshing but will make you pucker.

**LIMITED SUPPLY for pre-purchase online, and additional supply will be for first come first serve on release day.

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  • Color: Light green
  • ABV: Estimated at 6%
  • Taste: Pucker up buttercup! This is a tangy but refreshing sour. By request of many of our customers, many have said our sours have not been sour enough— this one is for you! The mouthfeel is moderate, and the finish is reminiscent of a key lime pie.
  • Package: Packaged and sold in 4-packs of 16oz cans.
  • Pickup: Thursday December 31st starting at 4pm.


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